Safavieh Shag Collection – Purple Shag Area Rug (8 x 10)

Home designing does not always entail having to hire someone professional to do all the design that you want. Sometimes, your own ingenuity and creativity makes the most perfect home design for you and your family. This is especially true if you are someone that knows what they want for their home. In today’s trends, the modern and minimal design is in. This is because the living spaces of people are designed for function and not only for display and design purposes. The need for comfort and for a warm home feel is also important in most cases. So if yo are looking to hire someone to design you dream home, why not first visualize what you want to have as your dream home and maybe, you yourself can make it a reality.

Off course, you home will never be complete without the little pieces that complete you home. Rugs is one of the top things that will complete your whole home design. A classic example for this is choosing bold and statement colored rugs that break the monotone colors of a room. This is what Safavieh Shag Collection – Purple Shag Area Rug (8 x 10) gives you, A statement. This is a very sassy and very bold purple colored shag rug that does not only give you style and fun color but also comfortable and soft footing. This shag rug is made with cotton backing for double durability and support making it a great rug for your young teen’s bedroom or your whimsical living rooms. This is made with high density polypropylene with power-loomed construction making it plush but durable at the same time. This modern and fun rug has a soft purple color, one that is not too bright and distracting giving you a modern and contemporary style or accent.

This Safavieh Shag Collection – Purple Shag Area Rug (8 x 10) is ideal for large spaces and for high ceilings. This can be shipped via truck freight and can be availed of a free shipping rate.

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Acura Rugs Sisal Choco Brown- 8′ x 10′

Sisal is another very popular type of rug in the market. This type of rug is very wonderful for high traffic areas such as the living room or the hall ways. Sisal can also be very wonderful together with other types of materials for rugs. This is because aside from giving you comfortable footing, sisal rugs are also sound absorbent, anti-dust, and are also very easy to clean compared to cotton rugs, nylon rugs, or shag rugs. Moreover, sisal rugs also have very interesting texture and design rendering them very unique to the eye. All these characteristics are why Sisal rugs still remain as one of the top choices for home or office rugs.

Speaking of Sisal rugs, this Acura Rugs Sisal Choco Brown- 8′ x 10′ is one of the many Sisal rugs in the market. What is very unique about this rug is the material used. This is a rug that is a sisal rug made of Jute. Jute works wonderfully in both formal and casual setting. It gives a more robust texture and more durability to the rug. This rug is  a hand woven 100% jute raw material and imported from India. This has that traditional natural or brown earth color making it versatile to blend easily with the surroundings. This also has a rubber latex backing making it non slip. This rug is also ideal for large spaces and high ceiling because of the large size of 8 feet by 10 feet. Great for living rooms, offices, and bedrooms. It also has a cotton boarder with chocolate brown color.

This Acura Rugs Sisal Choco Brown- 8′ x 10′ ship via Truck freight and may be eligible for free shipping. With .33 inches pile, this is the ideal and perfect rug for you earth toned rug needs for your rustic type home.

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Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug – 8 ft. by 10 ft.

Bamboo is one of the most versatile type of raw material. Aside from wonderful furniture and artistic pieces for homes that re Economy friendly, it is also used as a raw material for home and office rugs. It gives a more modern and Japanese inspired feel for the rug and rugs that are usually made with bamboo are comfortable for the footing and very low maintenance and easy to clean. Moreover, bamboo raw material can easily be harvested in parts of Asia where it is locally grown. This is also very popular because it is eco-friendly and is very versatile with its natural color and beauty. So if you are looking for a versatile and low maintenance type of rug but still stylish and never goes out of trend, you might want to consider having a go on Bamboo made rug.

With this in mind, this Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug – 8 ft. by 10 ft. is one of the few perfect choices for a bamboo rug. This is really nice Bantam River Grass color with khaki boarder and non slip felt backing. The design shows of the natural beauty of the bamboo material used. It also blends well and easily with different types of modern or contemporary decor. Among many other bamboo rugs, this rug has more of a green type of color that gives you earth tone and more depth and texture. This is great for khaki or brown shade homes and furniture or for white tones to break the monotone. Aside from that, this is also easy to clean and durable.

This Anji Mountain Bamboo Chairmat & Rug – 8 ft. by 10 ft. is also a wide size that best fits large spaces or high ceiling areas. This is wonderful for living rooms, large offices, or perhaps bedrooms that have that zen style. Avail of a free shipping with this rug and you might also consider purchasing an individually sold rug pad for more slippery floors.

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8 x 10 Koi Fish Aqua Outdoor- Indoor Rug

One of the trending type of home design is an Asian inspired home. This is a great choice for those who would want a home that is unique and very charming and innovative. This is also applicable for those who are believers of the so called “Feng Shui” which are sets of beliefs of right colors, types, designs and the like that presumably brings good fortune to them. Your very own home rugs are, surprisingly, part of the designs that may bring that so called good fortune for your homes.

With that being said, This 8 x 10 Koi Fish Aqua Outdoor- Indoor Rug might just be the right type of rug for your needs. This rug is a great and simple Koi fish design that is a very popular Asian symbol. The Koi fish is said to give life and greener Pasteur for those who have them in their home. So if you can’t afford or see one that is alive and swimming, this rug is the perfect substitute for that. With a powder blue background, the Koi fishes give that illusion of swimming right below your feet giving a moving and unique piece for your homes. Moreover, this rug is both indoor and outdoor. This means that you can put it as an accent for your den or patio or your can complement it with your furniture in your bedroom or your living room. This rug is also made of polypropylene and modacrylic pile giving it a good texture like other wonderful rugs at a very affordable price.

This 8 x 10 Koi Fish Aqua Outdoor- Indoor Rug is the perfect size for high ceiling homes or office or for wide rooms to give it more depth and texture.

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Stripe Denim by Trans Ocean Ravella – Indoor Outdoor Collection

Modern time calls for modern houses, and modern houses calls for modern collections pieces that will not only fit the room but also the personality and style of the owner. This is especially true for people who are very particular with their colors. Part of the design of one person is the rug that is chosen in order to complete the whole style or look that homemakers want to achieve. This would not only mean having the right size, design, and color but also the texture, material, and the durability factors. This way, when you choose such piece to complete your home design, you are not only satisfying the design and style but also the functionality of the piece or the practicality of it when placed or used in your home.

This is also why Rug Sale Website, a great and fast online store for wonderful rugs, caters to your every rug need may it be for indoors, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, or even outdoors. One of their collection caters to your need for your outdoor front porch or your patio which is the Trans Ocean Ravella – Indoor Outdoor Collection. This collection is inspired by the breezy and colorful outdoors of the beach, basic colors of the garden and cabin, or the more modern and upbeat color and texture of today’s trends. Part of their collection is the Stripe Denim by Trans Ocean Ravella – Indoor Outdoor Collection. This is a very wonderful outdoor rug that is great in accentuating a number of other colors of your home. The denim stripe is the modern and unique addition to the whole rug and is very nice in its own way. This Stripe Denim by Trans Ocean Ravella – Indoor Outdoor Collection is also crafted with polypropylene and  modacrylic pile of which gives a great texture for t he rug. This is the ultimate rug for the modern and simple you. This is also great for indoors and very comfortable in the footing.

This Stripe Denim by Trans Ocean Ravella – Indoor Outdoor Collection is also available in other sizes but this 8 x10 size shall surely fir large spaces of your front porch or your backyard patio.

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